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simpldiscipline simplifies student discipline management. Streamline teacher and staff discipline referrals, school administrator triage and incident management, and simplify state reporting with automatic incident sync.
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simpldismissal was built to make student dismissal easier. Through web-based dismissal boards, students are dismissed efficiently and safely.
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simplicity, built-in
All of our products are built to be easy to integrate, easy to maintain, and easy to use.
Automated rostering
Manual uploads and account creation are a waste of resources and your time. All of our products support automated rostering whether it be directly from your student information system or through third party tools.
Single sign-on
Staff and students don't need to remember 100 different credentials for 100 different applications. All of our products work with single sign-on solutions out of the box to ensure access is easy and secure.
Desktop and mobile ready
Our products are built for the diverse device portfolios organizations support today with desktop and mobile-friendly designs ensuring no matter where our product is accessed, it meets the demand.